Complesso S. Antonino, piazza Sant'Antonino 1, Palermo


The former monastery of S. Antonino is the current headquarters of the Italian Language School for Foreigners (ItaStra). In this location, several educational activities take place for students from the University of Palermo and others from all over the world.

Both in the past and today, this place connects the activities that take place here, in the University, and the city itself, where many migrants live.



Steri Castle


Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri is a historical palace in Palermo city, built in the early 14th century,

in the Aragonese period. It was  the residence of the powerful Sicilian family Chiaramonte (since the lord Manfredi III to the last descendant Andrea).Later, the buidilng became known as “Palazzo Steri”, or “lo Steri”, from the term Hosterium, i.e. fortified dwelling, a feature clearly visible in its square clean-cut structure.

From the late 15th century to 1517  Palazzo Steri housed the Aragonese-Spanish viceroys of Sicily; later it was home to the Royal Customs and, from 1600 to 1782, the tribunal of the Holy Inquisition. The palace was restored in the 20th century, with numerous elements associated with its role as a jail of the Inquisition.



During the works, the grooves left by iron cages in which had been hung the severed heads of the nobles who had rebelled against emperor Charles V were discovered in the facade. It still preserves its original three-floor structure, with the facade embellished by two orders of exceptionally beautiful three-light mullioned windows and essential lines of this particular form of Gothic architecture and is a museum that

among the artworks hosts Renato Guttuso's "Vucciria". Actually “Palazzo Steri” is also the seat of the Rectorate of the University of Palermo. 091-345876345


Piazza S.Antonino,1 - Palermo